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Playa Victoria, Junto al Meliá Caleta
Teléfono 956 230 122
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Can you imagine how much your children would enjoy themselves in a play room bigger than 500 m2 with endless fun activities?.

Endless slides, tunnels, mazes, pools full of thousands of rubber ball, plays, puppets, magic shows and all tipes of competitions.

Well, stop imagining. You'll find this and more in "LA BALLENA AZUL" day care centre. The most innovations recreational centre for children with specialized monitors. In "LA BALLENA AZUL" your children will do activities using the lastes generation of games to stimulated their dextery and imagination and live a lot of exciting adventures. Hundreds of children are already having a great time in the USA, your children, too, can now have a geat time here in "LA BALLENA AZUL".


You can rest assures that your children will be in good hands and in a risk-free enviroment. We offer specialized monitor, personal identification bracelets and a rigorous follow-up on each child.


The best present: at "LA BALLENA AZUL" we offer an area specially set aside for birthday parties, where the birthday boy/girl will have his/her most unforgettable birthday. Pease book in advance.


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