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Avenida de San Martín 1360
San Lorenzo - Salta
Teléfono 0387 4921239



QUO QUADIS had to close its doors in October 2005. We received a letter from the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Council) six months before ordering us to stop our business since PrivateYouth Hostels couldn't be run commercially in Andalusia. After working almost 10 years, since july 1996, and having passed many inspections we found ourselves without a job. The building was rented and now the owner has turned it into appartments.

The Junta de Andalucía only wants luxury hotels and golf courses, as well as its own Youth Hostels in the main cities in Andalusia. They are not interested in a visitor who couldn't expend more than 100 euros per day. The Cádiz Council didn’t give us any kind of support or help, their Development and Tourism Plans only aim at hotels with a minimum of 3 stars.

We brought twice a court case against the Andalusian Council about this matter and probably we will have to claim to a Higher Tribunal. These measures will help others. Because we couldn’t go working with the uncertainty of having the police over to comply with the law, even if it may be unfair.

Something similar happened with our Youth Hostel of El Pintado (Cazalla de la Sierra, North of Seville) that we had as the Youth Association Los Halcones. The barracks in the area belonged all to the government. The one next to ours was run by a series of councils from the province. Since we were organizing more activities and we didn’t spend the millions they did, their situation looked absurd so they finally decided to demolish aour barrack.


With less money that what costs in Cadiz (in La Viña quarter) an apparment with one room on the third floor of a block without a lift I have bought a villa and has changed it in QUO QUATRO TORRES. By the way, houses in Argentina are 30 or 40 times cheaper than in Europe. The house was built in 1935 and has a lot of history and is well reknown. It has been a school until 2 years ago, therefore it has passed even the earthwake inspections.

It’s inside the Yungas, in Selva Montana to be precise, at less than 150 km from tropic of Capricorn and an altitude of 1.450 meters above sea level. It has a special climate. The capital of the province, Salta, is at only 8 km distance but here being 200 metres higher is the place to be in the summer for the people of the capital since you don’t even need a ventilator. In the following WebPages you can find useful information about the area: and

In the province of Salta there are four big ecosystems with transitions between them which provides a huge variety of climates: El Chaco (with forests, tropical but drier almost monsoon), La Yunga (rainforests from a high altitude with a dry station from august till October), La Puna (valleys, salt mines and desserts higher than 2.500 metres, cloudy less than 10 days a year) and Alta Montaña (many areas higher than 6.000 metres).

Salta lies less than 300 km. away of the borders of Chile, around the Atacama Dessert to be precise and Bolivia. All and all, that offers many incredible possibilities in the area: Potosí, Salar de Uyuni, National Parks, Tarija etc.

In the surroundings of Salta you can visit the Valles Calchaquíes, Luracatao, San Antonio de los Cobres, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Cafayate, different National Parks and even in San Lorenzo itself there are a few trekking walks since it’s in the transition area of the Andes. To La Quebrada is a 10 minutes walk from QUO QUATRO TORRES. There are also different agencies of active tourism that offer activities around San Lorenzo, such as riding, mountain bike etc, they also offer quad routes but please don’t book them since they harm the environment.

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PFor events: Baptisms, divorces and weddings...

For accommodation, breakfast included. Students and members of the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras of Cádiz or the UNSA we have special prices during the school year: 50 € a month.

Outside the main villa:

Many bathrooms that are left behind as it was used as a school which makes it ideal to organize activities in the 7.600 m2 of land with garden, fountain, kitchen garden, henhouse etc.

Barbecue next to the swimming pool. Swimming pool (16 m x 8m) treated with bio products not with chemicals, special for asthma patiens and with the possibility of opening the eyes under the water.

A covered hall with capacity for 340 people,
Two smaller galleries.
Some places with seats made out of tree trunks with room for 40 people, open air.
Washing room and hang lines for the laundry.

Inside the villa we have: (prices are per person)

2 Double rooms with inside bath and jacuzzi. ………………………..……12 €
1 Two double rooms ensemble with a private bathroom .................................... 6 €
7 Double rooms with baths outside. ………………………............................4 €
2 Shared dormitories and bedrooms from 4 till 20 people ................................. 2 €
Kitchen and utensils. Private fridges for resident students.
Dining rooms, halls for parties etc.
Library; we don’t have a TV but we project films quite often.


Smoking is not allowed as well as drinking soda or other kinds of manufactured refresment, make noise and drink alcohol after 24.00h. (unless every one agrees otherwise)


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